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Sew Over It Erin Skirt Pattern Review

This skirt has been on my wishlist of things to make since it came out in September. I love the idea of a pattern eBook capsule wardrobe and had been seriously considering making a purchase of this when I came across this pattern free inside Simply Sewing Magazine. I must admit I had first been attracted to the magazine because of the free Fold Line Joni dress pattern. Imagine my delight when I discovered that part one of the Erin skirt was included in this issue too! It gets better – the paper pattern pieces were included too – not even a download to print off and stick together. Just dreamy!

After I had finished making the Joni dress (check out my review on the blog), I couldn’t wait to make the Erin skirt. I have admired so many versions of this popping up on Instagram, and I knew I wanted a knee length button-front skirt this Autumn/Winter to wear with warm tights and boots. Lush.

The pattern was incredibly simple to follow, with clear images as well as written instructions. Although these were the instructions from the magazine I would expect them to be the same as you would receive if you purchased the eBook.

I love all the topstitching details in this pattern.

Part one in issue number 22 takes you through cutting out, darts and pockets. The second part in issue 23 completes the skirt by taking you through adding the waistband, hem and buttons and buttonholes. I particularly like the slanted pockets on this skirt.

Love these buttons, I originally wanted wooden buttons but when I saw these marble effect beauties I knew I had to have them!

I chose to use a soft denim with a slight stretch which was perfect. No interfacing was necessary for this fabric choice. It sewed up really quickly, nothing complicated at all. There is a fair bit of topstitching required ( on the pockets, skirt front edges and waistband), so I was super slow and careful when stitching these parts as any wobbles would be noticeable, but my patience paid off and they all came out nice and neat. I chose an olive green thread as this gave a lovely contrast to the denim without being too crazy.


I only needed 1.5 yards of fabric as I made the shorter version of this skirt. I’m 5’2″ so thought the longer length would drown me, and as I know I will be wearing this mostly with tights I chose to line it with a pretty bright emerald green lining. Can’t be doing with my skirt sticking to my tights can you? I’ve never lined anything before and it was a doddle and apart from being really practical it gives the skirt a really fancy finished result!


I will definitely be making this skirt again. I would love it in a nice corduroy or cotton drill. Imagine it in a fabulous African wax. Yes please. The only thing to be careful of when using denim is to watch where it has been folded on the roll. If it has had a fold in it you may find a line in the denim as I discovered on the back of my skirt and waistband. Never mind it’s not too bad – I have learned to watch out for this next time I use denim.

It also came out a little on the small side for my measurements. I think this must have been an error on my part and that I must have cut the wrong size as other reviews of this pattern don’t seem to have found this. Silly me.


This has been my first experience with a Sew Over It pattern and I was thrilled. I have been following Lisa and the Sew Over It team for a long time now I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make one of their patterns. I am really interested in the other patterns in the City Break collection, and would love to try the Molly top and dress, so cute and comfortable I imagine.


Love my garment labels – the finishing touch!

Have you made the Erin skirt too?  I would love to hear about it. As always I’m delighted that you are here and I hope this will inspire you to make this easy cute wardrobe staple.

Take care and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x


9 thoughts on “Sew Over It Erin Skirt Pattern Review

  1. Kathy, your Erin skirt is fab! The buttons are lovely, and I love the Kelly green lining. I made the Erin skirt, too. It also was my first SOI pattern. They do nice stuff. I’m excited to try the short version; I’m also not a terribly tall gal, and short skirts work for me.

  2. Dear Erin, Thank you for such a lovely comment, it’s such an easy make isn’t it? You should definately go for the shorter option too I think, so cute with tights and ankle boots x

  3. What a lovely skirt! I’m about to make one too (I also got the pattern from Simply Sewing) and I’m thinking a pale pink corduroy – cause you can never be too girly 😉 it would also be my first Sew Over It make. I’m hoping I find it as enjoyable as you did – yours came out just beautiful xx

  4. Hi Hannah, thank you for your sweet comments, I know you’re going to love this skirt too. So quick, easy and barely uses any fabric! Pink corduroy sounds perfect, please blog your results so that I can see it! xx

  5. […] to the Tulip Skirt PDF and I was excited to make it. I have made a Sew Over It Erin Skirt recently here and loved it, so I was pretty sure I would enjoy this one […]

  6. I have been looking forward to making this skirt since finding the pattern sheet in the magazine… Gutted to find out I only have half the instructions as I didn’t buy the next issue… Guess I will have to make it up, or just buy the back issue! Good review and lovely skirt… Need to get me some denim!

    1. How annoying! I almost did the same, luckily I changed my sewing plans and decided to make it straight away or else I probably wouldn’t have noticed that it was only week 1 of the instructions either. Please don’t go to the expense of buying a back copy – unless of course you want the whole magazine. I am more than happy to scan/photocopy the 2nd week instructions, and either email them to you or send them in the post. Just let me have your details if you would like!
      Kathy x

  7. I love your skirt and it inspired me to uy the ebook with the pattern!
    I’ve never lined a skirt before and am quite new at sewing. Could you give some tips on how to go about it eg what order to attach the lining in and any other tips or things to be aware of?
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hi Natasha,
      thank you for your lovely comments. Lining a skirt is really quite simple – basically it involves cutting out the skirt pieces in lining fabric and stitching them together in the same way as the outer skirt and then attaching the two. If I were you I would probably google search ‘how to line a skirt’ for a more detailed explanation. You can then find some blog posts on this specific subject or watch some videos and I’m sure it will all fall into place.

      A helpful blog post is this one from Tilly and the Buttons..

      and a useful video might be this one from Sew Over It ..

      Even though both of these are not using the Erin skirt, I hope you might get some understanding of the process from them.

      Hope this helps! Happy sewing,
      Kathy x

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