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My Favourite Sewing Machine Feet


Just lately I’ve been adding to my collection of sewing machine feet. It’s becoming a little out of control – like my fabric and pattern stash!

However the satisfaction of reaching for the perfect foot to get you through a particular part of a sewing project is so great, I love them all – and of course have my eye on a few others, which I will no doubt write another blog post about in the future!

I wanted to write this post because I have purchased them all, over the last few months, from the same retailer. This is not a sponsored post, I have paid for them all myself and all views are my own, but I have been so impressed with the quality, price and service received that I wanted to share it with you.

The company I have purchased all of these from are Austin Sewing Machines. I have purchased them all via their eBay shop here, but their website is worth a browse – they have all your sewing machine needs covered!

Some of these feet are snap-on, and some are low shank screw-on. If you have a machine which will take snap-on feet, then I personally find these much more convenient. They are universal feet so will fit many different makes of machines. I have been more than impressed with all of them and have had no problems with the fit on my machine ( a Janome DC3050).

The first foot I purchased was the 1/4″ snap-on Quilting Patchwork Foot with edge guide. Just before Christmas I took on The Sewing Directory’s Simple Sampler Quilt A-long challenge, which I have written about here. When I first started, I was struggling to get a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance, and this foot was a lifesaver – it’s so clever, and gives a fantastic result every time. No quilter would be without this foot I’m sure!


As I continued with the quilt a-long challenge mentioned above, I realised that I would need a Walking Foot in order to sandwich my quilt together and be able to stitch through the layers of fabric and wadding. So my next purchase was a low shank screw-on Walking Foot with guide. This is quite a scary looking piece of equipment, but so very satisfying to use. It has coped with all the thick layers of quilting that I have sewn with it perfectly, and I have also used it on slippery fabrics with great success too. A very handy part of my sewing machine kit now. I’m so glad that it comes with an adjustable guide, as this ensures my straight line quilting stitches are nice and parallel.


My next little foot is a low shank screw-on 3mm Rolled Hem Foot. I purchased this as I was making a kaftan using a fine floaty fabric and wanted to neaten the hem with a teeny tiny hem. As it turned out the edges of the kaftan were faced so I didn’t need to use this foot on that project, but I do have a couple of other kaftan patterns that I plan to make this Summer which will allow me to make use of it then.

This foot is obviously intended for using with very fine sheer fabric, but you get the idea …

Next, the narrow snap-on Zipper Foot. My machine does come with a zipper foot, but it can sometimes feel a little bulky, so I had been wanting a narrow foot for a while. I am so pleased with this one, it feels like you can get so much closer to the teeth of the zip now, I know this will be a very well used accessory.


Finally, my last little beauty is the Adjustable Bias Binding Tape Clip-on Foot. After seeking advice from good old YouTube videos, it was easy to set up and after years of sewing on bias tape and it not being accurately stitched on the wrong side I am now delighted to have a fail safe tool that give me a perfect result every time! Expect lots more bias tape on my projects in the future because this is such a fun foot to use!


Oh and by the way, if you didn’t see it, I have a tutorial on how to make your own continuous bias binding tape here.

My latest purchases were the bias tape foot and the zipper foot. When I bought these I didn’t notice that I had selected a clip-on for the bias foot and a low shank screw-on for the zipper foot. This isn’t a problem really, as both work on the machine fine, but I was really impressed to receive a phone call from Austin Sewing Machines as they were processing the order to check if this was a mistake and whether I would prefer them both to be either snap-on or screw-on. What amazing customer service – I was happy to accept their kind offer to change the order to both having the snap-on attachment, and was delighted when they both arrived a couple of days later – they are always quick to send your goodies.

In an attempt to try to organise my sewing room I was chuffed to find a little sectioned storage box from The Range which now is home to my growing collection of machine feet. This little box was only about £3 I think, and don’t think I haven’t noticed there’s room for lots more feet! Ha!


What’s your favourite/most used foot?  I would love to hear your recommendations.

Take care, and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x

10 thoughts on “My Favourite Sewing Machine Feet

  1. I recently bought the adjustable bias foot and it’s been so handy for speedy neat bunting production – I managed 50 metres the other afternoon with no sneaky slipping out flag undersides

    1. Love it! I now want to make ALL the bunting!! X

  2. I must confess I have a collection of bias feet of different widths that came with one of my machines. I’ve always shied away from them though. Is it only good for cotton tape or can you use slippery satin with them as well? And does it have to be pressed on two sides or can the foot handle a “raw” strip of binding that hadn’t been pressed?

  3. Hi Elena, it’s lovely to hear from you. I haven’t tried it with satin tape yet, so I can’t help with that but I suspect that it would be fine. I have only used it pressed as this makes it a lot simpler to feed through, I would recommend that you give it a little press first to make your life easier!
    Regards, Kathy x

  4. This is great! I have feet that came with my machine but I have no idea what they are for. Thank you for this post!

  5. Ha! It’s great when you find out what they can do – anything to make life easier! X

  6. I love the bias binding foot! It’s such a great tool! I have had the odd mishap with it though but I hadn’t been pressing the bias tape in half as you suggest which I will definitely do next time.

    1. Yes the bias foot is my favourite too, because I struggled for so long without it – I was really frustrated before that no matter how careful I was I would always find the stitches had wobbled off the binding on the underside.. It really helps to press it in half before stitching, it does all the work for you then. Lovely to have your comment, have a great day x

  7. Very informative and useful post!! Thank you for sharing that….it will be helpful to me for sure.

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad this helped. Enjoy the rest of your week x

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