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my #cosycardichallenge entry – The Cocoon Cardigan by Jalie Patterns


You know me, I can’t resist a good old Instagram sewing challenge. I just can’t help myself, and when I noticed that Amanda, Nikki and Rachel were hosting a cosy cardi challenge this Autumn I simply could not ignore it!


The pattern I chose to use is The Cocoon Cardigan by Canadian pattern company Jalie Patterns. I have had my eye on it for a long time and this sewing challenge was all that I needed to give me that push to purchase it. I chose it from the huge range of sewing patterns at Sewessential.

The packaging of the pattern is a little different from regular sewing patterns. Whereas most sewing patterns have the instructions and pattern pieces contained within an envelope, this is a large folded sheet of paper on which the pattern pieces are printed, along with the cutting layout, instructions and measurements. The size of the document is slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper.

It has an impressive range of 27 sizes!! From children’s through to plus sizes, and if you pop on over to the Jalie website you can print off the sewing instructions on 3 sheets of paper. The instructions are contained within the paper pattern, but they are difficult to use as they are on such a large folded sheet of paper and much easier to handle when printed off on regular paper. Another advantage of having the instructions available for printing on the website is that you can browse these even before you buy the pattern to see if it is something you are happy with making.


I was so happy with my fabric choice. It is a soft brushed texture stretch jersey knit from Minerva Crafts, and is a neutral grey marl colour. It behaves very well when cut – doesn’t fray or curl, and is super soft and very very cosy. I did try to link it for you but cannot find it anymore, maybe it has sold out? However there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

It could not be easier to make. The pattern comprises of a front piece, back piece, neck band and cuffs.  There are no separate sleeve pieces, they are part of the top rather like a kimono and there are no buttons or other fastenings or pockets. Super simple.

Because of it’s simplicity I decided that this was the perfect sewing make to take along with me to my recent sewing day with my friends at Sewisfaction – see my blog post about this here. I knew that there would possibly be more chatting and tea drinking than actual sewing so wanted to take something really easy that didn’t require much concentration. This was all well and good until I noticed halfway through sewing it that I must have dropped one of my cut fabric pieces at home as I was packing my sewing bag so couldn’t complete it whilst I was there. How annoying! Sure enough when I got back home that evening there was the missing neck band piece, but never mind it took next to no time to finish it off.


So the construction of the cardigan couldn’t be simpler. You are basically attaching the front pieces to the back, adding the cuffs and finishing with the neck band all around the edge. The result is a loose fitting, open fronted cardigan, and is really wonderful now that the weather in England is starting to feel colder.


The sizing was good for me – no problems with that, although I wonder if I might shorten it next time I make it. I made no adjustments to the pattern for this make, but there are the usual lengthen/shorten markings on the pattern and I think I will use these to shorten my next cardi. It is described as ‘drapey and loose-fitting’ on the website which I love, but I may also size down a fraction next time too. What do you think?

Overall a very enjoyable make. You will be seeing more of these for sure!

Thank you to Amanda, Nikki and Rachel for hosting such a fun challenge. Do head on over to Instagram to search for more #cosycardichallenge inspiration. There is still plenty of time to submit an entry as the closing date is not until the end of the month, and you could be in with a chance to win one of the awesome prizes on offer!

Do let me know if you are taking part and what cardigan pattern are you sewing up?

Take care and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x



11 thoughts on “my #cosycardichallenge entry – The Cocoon Cardigan by Jalie Patterns

  1. Its really lovely Kathy. Really like the style and the fabric too. I’m gonna make the Jennifer Lauren Juniper cardi. Hope to start that today!

    1. Hi Agnes, thank you for your lovely comment. I really like the look of the Juniper cardi and actually so very nearly made it myself for this challenge! Enjoy your sewing day, and I hope to see your finished result! Kx

  2. Like that on you – looks lovely and cosy. Have never tried Jalie patterns but seen quite a few things made up that look good.
    Hoping to visit Sewisfaction next month!

    1. Hi Ann, thank you, yes I liked the pattern – probably half due to the fact that it is the simplest thing I have ever possibly sewn so didn’t have to think about it too hard! Ooh enjoy your trip to Sewisfaction – you will love it!! K x

  3. This is gorgeous! It looks so soft and snuggly. I love the colour!

  4. Thank you! It is soft and snuggly, you’re right! X

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  7. the neckband attachment on yours is PERFECTION! i see so many of these cocoon cardi’s in my sewing groups but the band always looks wavy and not great (IMHO), how did you make yours lay so straight? did you have to play with your differential feed a lot to get it right? Any tips would be so very appreciated!

    1. Hi, thank you so much. I know exactly what you mean. I have made a couple of kimono style jackets and have had varying degrees of success with the neck band ‘waviness’. I’ll be honest, I think it was just luck with this one, maybe it was the quality of the fabric, it has the perfect amount of body without being too stiff. I did nothing special when I was attaching it. Gosh I wish I could help you more. If you ever find out how to avoid those waves in the future do let me know! K x

      1. i definitely will! so far I’ve heard its a differential feed adjustment and i just need to “play” with until i get it right so i’ll give it a go and pray for your outcome, its beautiful!

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