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A Spotty Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dress


It is very much ‘that’ time of the year now in England when there is no denying that Autumn is well and truly here. It’s cold, I want the heating on and most of my fabric shopping now is now cosy corduroys, soft jerseys and snuggly sweatshirting.

My Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pattern is also something that I reach for in the Autumn/Winter. Whilst I have seen many Summer appropriate versions of this – for me it is all about snuggly thicker fabrics teamed with long sleeved jersey tops.

My fabric choice for this Cleo is this stunning navy spotty corduroy.  It was very kindly sent to me by My Fabrics, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. There are so many colour choices with this spotty corduroy, but as I kind of knew that I probably wanted to pair it with my red striped Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top, I went ahead and opted for the navy blue. Along with the huge choice of spotty cords, there are several other patterned designs and a wide range of the thickness of cord – from jumbo down to baby cord.

I would describe it as a light weight corduroy, beautifully soft, but certainly with enough structure to make the perfect Cleo.

As with all my Tilly patterns I cut a size 4, and I made no alterations other than shortening the length of the straps by 2″

I added a pocket on the bib front, but chose not to place the optional pockets on the back of the dress as I didn’t want any attention drawn to that area!!



This is the first time that I have used dungaree clips as a fastening for a Cleo. I always  opt for a button option, but I have had these clips in my sewing basket for a while now and thought that I would give them a go this time.

They are really easy and straightforward to use, really nothing to them at all – you will need a hammer however. Fortunately my husband was able to provide me with that!

To attach the clips, carefully mark out exactly where you want to place them.


Pierce a small hole using an awl or other sharp point.


Place the pointed part of the rivet through the hole from the back, and line up the button over the top. Make sure if your button has a design on it, that it is the right way up, as it is impossible  to twist it once in place.


Gently hammer into place!


Ta Da! That’s all there is to it, such fun and the good news is that you get to do it all over again on the other side!



I hope you like the outcome as much as I do. I really like the pairing of spots and stripes together, also love the red and blue combo too!

Thank you very much to My Fabrics for providing the fabric for this post. This is something I am going to love wearing this season. I certainly have my eye on some of the other patterned cords at My Fabrics and you may well be seeing more of this again soon!

Take care, and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x






9 thoughts on “A Spotty Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dress

  1. I absolutely love this outfit! Stripes and dots look amazing together, and when one is navy and the other is red, you have yourself a perfect outfit!

    1. Ha! I like it! Thank you XXXXXXX

  2. Really love the combo Kathy x

    1. Hi Agnes, thank you! X

  3. Beautiful dress and love the stripe dot combo

    1. Thank you! I’ve never put spots and stripes together before – but I definitely will again! XX

  4. I’ve ordered a Cleo pattern, and love this fabric! I sew a lot but haven’t attempted clothes for myself yet, the Tilly and the buttons site suggests buying 1.2m of 150cm width fabric, this cord comes in 145cm width, would I have enough room to place the pattern pieces if I buy 1.5m? I hope you don mind me asking, I’m feeling too impatient to wait for the pattern to arriv before ordering my fabric!!

    1. Hi Sophie, yes I would think that 1.5m length will be just fine. Good luck with the pattern – I’m pleased to hear that you are making something for yourself – good luck! x

      1. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get started having seen how lovely your Cleo is!

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