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The Clare Pant from Stylearc

This time I have something a little different to share – I made trousers!

Being part of the Sewisfaction blogger team, I am lucky enough to regularly have access to their beautiful range of stunning fabrics, and am able to take my pick of something fabulous to make and share.

This time I opted for the most perfect Robert Kaufmann chambray in this completely wonderful grey/blue shade. It’s comfortable to wear, simple to sew with and the neutral colour is just so easy to wear with t-shirts and trainers or with a dressier top and shoes if you like.

Pic 3

The pattern that I chose is The Clare Pant from Stylearc. It ticks all the boxes that I was looking for in a wide leg cropped trouser pattern and as this is a blog post that I have written for Sewisfaction, the full review including lots more photos can be found over on their blog here.

Huge thanks to Sheona at Sewisfaction for her generosity in sending me this fabric to work with, and I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Take care, I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x

Pic 4


2 thoughts on “The Clare Pant from Stylearc

  1. I love these recently made them myself but the elastic section at the back gave me some problems. How did you achieve such a neat finish?

    1. Hi, aw that’s such a shame. I found inserting the elastic gave me no problems (luckily), I just followed the instructions carefully and it worked for me. After joining your elastic together to make a ‘loop’. attach it to the top edge of your waistband all the way around. You’ll need to stretch your elastic as you go around to make it fit. To get a good stretch I like to pull my elastic taught from in front of the needle and behind the needle if you get what I mean. Then turn over the elastic to the inside (kind of twice so that the elastic doesn’t show any more), and top stitch the front section keeping it flat. Sew the back gathered section so that you end up with 4 rows of horizontal stitching using the same stretching technique as before.
      I hope this makes sense and that you get a better result with your next pair.
      Kathy x

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