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Autumn Fall Felt Leaf Garland Tutorial


Autumn is well and truly here now, and whilst it is sad to see the end of Summer the beautiful display of glorious colours outside inspired me to create something to reflect such an amazing Season. I think Autumn is far to pretty to be left outdoors don’t you think? Let’s bring a little bit of it inside..

I love a nice garland, and this one is just so quick and easy to make. I whipped this up in a morning, accompanied by a cinnamon candle and a hot chocolate It really was a rewarding little project and a good stress buster too!


  • Autumn coloured felt pieces – the heavier weight the better.
  • Leaf Templates – search the internet or sketch your own!
  • Neutral coloured thread.
  • Fabric Scissors.
  • Sewing Machine – this is optional, you can string your leaves together by hand if you prefer.


I decided to make templates for about 4 or 5 different leaf styles/sizes, I also made up an acorn template and for good measure some small circles with my leftovers representing berries. My leaf sizes ranged from 2.5″ – 4″ but you can choose whatever sizes you like.


As the finished garland will be made with a chain of thread which could move about and be visible from both sides I decided to make the acorns with a neat felt ‘cap’ which would be pretty whichever side is showing. So before I got around to making up the garland I decided to encase the acorn ‘nut’ with 2 ‘cap’ pieces, and machine stitch them securely.


So once you have all your leaves, berries and acorns cut out and prepared it is time for the fun bit! Simply run them through the sewing machine in a random order one after another forming a long chain. I used a long length stitch setting as this make the ‘vein’ of the leaf look better and also made the garland come together quicker too.


In no time at all you will end up with a long length of pretty garland which you can either keep in one length, or snip to whatever lengths you like! So quick and easy. I have decided to decorate my staircase, but they would look amazing hanging vertically at a window, or draped around a plant. I think they would pretty decorating a bed headboard too. The possibilities are endless!

Although I cut my leaf shapes by hand, I’m pretty sure it would be possible to purchase pre-cut shapes if you prefer, or use a die cutting machine.

I left my garland pretty simple, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t embroider your leaves, or machine stitch more detail onto each leaf. If you are including the children in this activity then they could draw ‘veins’ on each leaf with a Sharpie. I also think layering different sizes and colours on top of each other would be stunning too.dsc04516



I hope you love these garlands as much as I do, and are inspired to create your own! You can cut your felt to whatever shape and size you like. A string of pumpkins would be cute. Maybe Christmas trees or snowmen would be a great idea for the Christmas season – the possibilities are endless. You also do not need to have access to a sewing machine for this project, you could just as easily hand sew them using a running stitch using a sturdy thread.

Oh and finally, a word of warning – they do tangle easily if you’re not careful so I would recommend to store them you should wrap carefully around a large flat piece of cardboard, or use the cardboard tube found inside some rolls of wrapping paper.

Happy Autumn everyone, do let me know how you get on! Be back soon xx


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Simplicity 1365 Pattern Review

Welcome to my first pattern review!  During the Summer the lovely people at Simplicity launched their sewing challenge. They very kindly offered a choice of 4 patterns which would be sent to you free of charge. Once your project had been completed you simply post the pictures on your chosen social media site, using the hashtag #SimplicitySewingChallenge and voila! you are considered for a shot of the superb prize of 12 sewing patterns, trimmings and the opportunity to become a VIP Simplicity blogger.


As soon as I read about this I wanted to take part. I adore reading sewing blogs in my spare time and I although you don’t have to be a blogger to enter this competition I was hoping that this might just give me the incentive to start a blog of my own…

dsc04504I chose pattern 1365, to enter the Best Vintage Make category. I knew the pattern would be clearly written, you can rely on Simplicity for that. As always it pays to spend a few minutes reading the instructions, crucial if you want to avoid making silly mistakes. I chose to make view C, I prefer a simple look and knew the other views would be unflattering on my shape. I enjoyed the finish details on this top – it is as good to look at on the inside as it is on the outside due to the inclusion of facings inside. I had to read through the instructions carefully a couple of times in places to understand what was being asked but it came together beautifully.

I would probably consider this pattern suitable for an advanced beginner/intermediate sewist as it contains several pieces and uses techniques such as buttonholes, gathering and stitch in the ditch.


As this pattern is a 1970’s vintage style piece I decided to use a navy floral cotton with a vintage vibe purchased from Material Magic in Leicester. I am really pleased with how this turned out, and look forward to getting some wear out of it next Summer, wouldn’t it look just adorable with capri trousers or dressed down with denim shorts. I also think it would look really pretty made from a crisp white broderie anglaise – maybe this will be my next version.


Finishing touches


I chose to use some leftover fabric to cover my own buttons. I feel this really gives the finished project a retro feel keeping in line with the 1970’s style of design. If you have never tried covering your own buttons I would strongly recommend it – so easy and rewarding!

Thank you Simplicity for the pattern and for the inspiration to finally start my blog as a result. Congratulations to all the other entrants, I have such admiration of the talent and creativity of the sewing community out there. Let me know if you have made anything similar, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, be back soon, Kathy x

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Welcome to my little blog …


Hello out there, my name is Kathy and today I am doing something that I have dreamed about for a very long time. I am writing my first blog post!

My Mum taught me to sew when I was very small and more seriously when I was about 13 yrs old to help me with my school subject option choice. During the Summer holidays before school resumed we picked an easy sewing pattern (a nightshirt), and some (dodgy) fabric and she took me through the whole wonderful process of cutting up some fabric and then sewing it back together again!

I was hooked. I continued to really enjoy my school lessons in the subject and whilst over the years never lost my love for sewing, I have only dipped in and out of it. I am at a stage in my life now that my family are growing up and I can dedicate more time to it.

So, here goes with the blog, one thing that you might need to take into account is that whilst I love sewing, I don’t love computers and anything technical that goes with them. So bear with me, my blog will be basic at the beginning whilst I understand how this whole thing works, but hopefully in time it will become as beautiful as all of the sewing blogs I love to read myself.

So thank you so much if you have made it to this bit and you are still reading. I hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I plan to enjoy making them.

Be back soon, Kathy x