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My #2018makenine makes.

Happy Monday!

Time for another blog post, and this week I am sharing with you my completed #2018makenine makes. For those not familiar, the yearly ‘make nine’ challenge is a friendly and gentle challenge to yourself to create a list of nine items that you would like to  make during the year. They can be sewn, knitted or created however you like, and you can share your progress with others over on good old Instagram using the hashtag #2018makenine


This fun event is hosted by the lovely Rochelle from Home Row Fiber Co and I will link to her ‘make nine’ post here where she explains everything that you need to know about the challenge. It is not a race, it is not a competition, it doesn’t matter if you complete it or not, it’s all completely relaxed, but at the same time very inspiring and will definitely allow you to access some inspiring creators and new pattern, fabric and yarn ideas.

My own personal challenge to myself this year was to support nine independent pattern companies that I have never used before, and sew a garment using one of their patterns. I did it! Here’s what I made..


1. The Mandy Boat Tee from  Tessuti Fabrics

Such a great pattern, and it’s free! I made this in February and blogged about it here.



2. The Fringe Dress from Chalk and Notch

I made this dress last June as a make for the Sewisfaction blogger team. You can find a link to the review that I wrote by clicking on my post here. I am currently in the process of making another as part of this month’s  #sewmystyle challenge.



3. The Ogden Cami from True Bias

Another make during June, during the UK heatwave, and promptly followed by another two straight away. They have been a lifesaver this Summer and I plan to make a hundred more in the future, particularly in plain fabrics as wardrobe staples. I haven’t as yet blogged these tops, but here is a look at one of them, made from a delightful crepe fabric picked up at a recent fabric swap.



4. The Out and About Dress from Sew Caroline

One of the most comfortable ‘throw over the head’ dress I have. This was my July make for the Minerva Crafts blogger Network. There were a couple of little things that I need to change next time I make it, which I have mentioned in the link on my blog post here, but it’s one I will return to for sure.



5. The Paola Turtleneck from Named Clothing.

I’ve just realised that I did not blog about this make.. whoops.. but now is the time of year to be reaching for tops like these. Will get around to blogging this top shortly .. in the meantime forgive the rather last minute snap of this project, better photographs to follow along with the blog post!



6. The Sunday Dress from Friday Pattern Company.

Heavily hacked into something that I would find more wearable, and blogged about here, I made this back in January as part of the #sewmystyle challenge. I think I may shorten this at some point into a shorter knee length dress, as I feel I would get more wear out of it in this length.



7. The Mayfair Dress from Nina Lee

I was lucky enough to have been part of the pattern testing team for Nina on this pattern back in June. It’s a lovely jersey dress pattern that is so comfortable and a great everyday pattern, read about my thoughts on the Mayfair here.



8. The Peak T-Shirt Dress from Wendy Ward.

Love this dress. I was so lucky to have won a copy of Wendy’s book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics’ and instantly knew that this would be the first project I would make from it. Adding a grey neckband gives it a little bit of interest and who doesn’t need a striped t-shirt dress in their wardrobe? My blog post written in July can be found here.



9. The Franki Top from The Wearable Studio.

The Wearable Studio is a fairly new independent pattern company, and as soon as I saw the ruffled hem and tie sleeves on this top I wanted it! I have made two versions of this top, and still cannot decide which one I like the best.



Phew! That’s all of them. A huge thanks to Rochelle for pulling together this challenge again, I have had such a great time exploring and trying out patterns from these inspiring independent companies, and hope that you have enjoyed seeing what I made with them. I have tried to include links to the patterns and blog posts where possible.

Have a great week, take care and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x

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The Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti Patterns.


Just lately I have been making an effort to sew more tops. Whilst I am a dress girl through and through, there is no getting away from the fact that it is freezing here (literally – the snow is falling as I type) and I just want to layer up in separates.

Inspired by the lovely Nikki and Rachel from The Stitch Sisters, who made an amazing YouTube video all about free top sewing patterns, I picked up this FREE pattern from Tessuti Fabrics– The Mandy Boat Tee. I mean, who doesn’t love a free pattern?

It’s a ‘one size fits all’  oversized boxy top, with a boat neck and 3/4 length fitted sleeved with drop shoulders. I have chosen to make it in this gorgeous brown and grey striped cotton jersey blend knit fabric  from Girl Charlee  but it would look equally fabulous in a cotton or viscose fabric too don’t you think? On the YouTube video Nikki had made this top in a stripe jersey from Girl Charlee too and I totally wanted something just like hers!


I picked up the fabric during the Black Friday sales, and I was lucky enough to choose it using a voucher which was kindly given to me by Ana from Cocowawa Crafts as a prize for a competition she ran just before Christmas for making her Chestnut Sweater. I have written a couple of blogs about these sweaters which you can catch up with here and here.  Lucky me! I also chose a couple more fabrics at the same time which I haven’t cut into yet but I have plans!

So the pattern is a free download, but is available in printed format for 12 Australian dollars if you prefer. It was simple to download and print out at home. I must admit the pattern pieces look a little basic – they look hand drawn and the writing on them is hand written, but they are a good shape and I found that they fit together nicely. The instructions are also fairly basic looking but are accompanied by clear photographs and in fact they are actually very well written and to the point. I liked how the neckline was the first step of the process, also the sleeves are added before the side seams are sewn which is always good, and the final step to neaten the boat neckline is the finishing touch and really gives it a neat finish.

I adore the drop shoulders. They are very similar to the Molly Top I feel from Sew Over it, although that top is not so boxy and oversized.


I must admit I had my concerns that it would be too large in the body and whilst it kind of is, I actually quite like it and will not hesitate to wear it. I think the slim sleeves work to balance it out nicely. Perhaps I might slim it down in the body very slightly next time I make it, I’m not sure. I will definitely make more and probably in a stripe fabric again as those drop shoulders in a stripe are amazing I think.


Just to mention the boat neck is quite wide and you might get a glimpse of your bra strap if you’re not careful, but hey, it’s not the end of the world!

I am chuffed that this is now the second make of my #2018makenine list, where I am trying to make nine items from independent pattern companies that I have never used before. So far so good.

I would thoroughly recommend this pattern. It’s a useful everyday top and is quick and easy to sew. Thank you for the freebie Tessuti Fabrics!


Take care, and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x