Pattern Reviews

The Bea Blouse from Simply Sewing Magazine.



I’m a little behind with this review. Originally made and photographed back in May, I had quite forgotten that I hadn’t got around to writing a blog post about it.

This is the Bea Blouse, and it was the free pattern in issue 38 of Love Sewing Magazine, which I think was the January 2018 issue. It’s a vintage style pussybow blouse with a choice of two sleeve lengths. I had been eyeing up the Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse, and hoped that this might be a way of trying this style top on me.


My fabric choice was a vibrant floral viscose that I purchased from Sewisfaction. This is no longer in stock unfortunately (as I purchased it about 6 months ago), but lots of pretty alternatives are available. I love the drape of a viscose and think this is a great fabric type for this style of blouse.

I chose to make the elbow length sleeve, but on reflection I think i might have preferred the short sleeve – something that I can change another time if I really want to. I also noticed that it looked fairly short in the body length, so before I cut it out I added 10cm to the length. Perhaps this has made the length too long now? Again this can be easily fixed if I feel like it.


If I’m honest, I’m not altogether sure that this works for me very well. The shoulder seams seem to sit too far forward for my liking, and it doesn’t feel too comfortable to wear.

The collar/bow also gives me a headache! Firstly the length of the bow tie is too short to tie in a bow (in my opinion), so I would extend this by a few inches next time I make it. It is, however, a great length if you just want to tie it in a double knot.

I just can’t seem to make the collar sit right. If I have the collar standing up, it looks wrong and if I have the collar folded down (shown below) it still doesn’t lay right (even after about 15 minutes of messing around with it). Hmmm…


I think I need to have a little play around with this pattern and make a few more adjustments to make it work for me – I have seen some really pretty versions from others online so will probably give it another go sometime, although I do have the Colette Patterns Jasmine Top in my pattern stash, so will possibly give this one a try first, as I think the slim bow on this might suit me better.


So the jury is out on this one. Have you made the Bea Blouse? Did you come across any of these issues too?

Take care, and I’ll be back soon,

Kathy x






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